Penny got kicked out of her crate today

IMG_20141016_234703_877 (1)

Penny got kicked out of her crate today by Padme.  It was quite the juggling act. Padme (my 7 yr old, 7 1/2 pound cat) was perfectly happy sleeping in Penny’s crate on her pillow.  Sadly I made her get up so Penny could get in.  It was quite the challenge keeping Penny IN and Padme OUT. After a good 10 minutes or so I finally got the right animals to their beds.

So why crate train you ask?  It’s quite ideal for us.  The crate is next to the sofa in the living room.  After much research- we really thought this was the best thing for our pup.  Dogs are den animals and the crate provides a den feeling (especially since it’s covered on all sides except the front with a blanket).  She sleeps just fine in it.  The door is always open (with Penny’s comfy bed in there)- and she often chooses to sleep on there than with us on the couch.  The key here is that the crate is for calm or sleepy time.  It’s NEVER used as punishment.  I’ll be honest.  We were great at making her go to bed at night (not physically forcing her by the way).  However, lately she has had her crate open (with the option of sleeping there, the couch, or wherever).  The husband and I HAD given her free range…  HOWEVER, we are going back to the crate as she recently had an “accident” on our couch.. number two.. Yup.  It was a mess and very bad timing.  So back in the crate she’s going at night for a while.

I should also add that the crate is absolutely great when we travel.  It provides a comfort area for her.  This is especially important while we’re staying in multiple hotel rooms.  It assures her that she’s got something familiar.. This also allows us to confine her (to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble), while the hubby and I can go have fun for a few hours (and I do mean a few).

I’ll be honest- we pretty much had the easiest time crate training Penny. She cried one night– and after some helpful Facebook friends giving us suggestions– we put a blanket over the crate and tada- silence!  If you’re interested in learning how to crate train your pup I highly recommend this website.  Do your research on the do’s and dont’s.


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