Trip to visit Penny’s cousins

The hubby , Penny, and I all headed to Hunington Beach to hang out with my family and my mom, little brother, his girlfriend, and my brother’s “kids”- Brutus and Spike.

10592615_10152429808348432_1892357604327809044_n 10606088_10152429808108432_6715196922890223945_n
Meet Spike, 13 yrs old (left), and Brutus, 2 yrs old (right)

We went to the park while the “kids” played fetch.  They played for a good two hours!  Afterwards we went to the Lazy Dog Cafe where we took Brutus and Penny for lunch.  It was a pretty fun and exhausting day for the pups (and the humans)- Penny slept the entire way home!

Doggy play can look intimidating when seeing it in person- but even more so with still shots like some of the ones below. People see teeth and they freak out. Think of it this way- when you are having a good time- you laugh, you smile, you SHOW YOUR TEETH.  It’s the same thing for dogs.

Here are some pictures of Penny, Brutus and Spike at the park.

10492491_10152429808863432_5851879295481000804_nHere’s Penny with her little bandana

10600502_10152429808058432_2574446357493119956_n 090114_08 090114_06 090114_05 090114_3 090114_11
Penny and Brutus played while Spike just followed them around the entire time.


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