The Four Legged Rulers in the Household


I had two big concerns when bringing Penny home. The first was that she would hurt my cat, she is a puppy after all and they don’t always know better.  The second was that I would have to live in a state of fear for months until my cat accepted our new addition to the family (Penny).

Padme is 6 years old. She’s a very needy kitty.  She likes to be held and petted at all times.  Not your typical cat at all.  When I got a second cat (before Penny), Padme hissed at her for about 6 weeks straight.  It was a very stressful environment for that entire time frame.


Suprisingly, upon Penny’s arrival Padme did not hiss at her.  She kept her distance and just watched her.  Since then there has been a few smacks from Padme warning Penny to back off (primarly when Penny wants to play or when Penny’s big butt sits on her).  Padme is 7.5 lbs (a very petite kitty), and Penny is now at 49 lbs.  The pecking order is Padme, the husband, myself, then Penny.  And Penny knows and respects this hierarchy order.  Smart little girl.  Here are a few pictures of my two babies.  I seem to be the common ground.  They only cuddle together if they are top/beside me.  No complaints here. 🙂

PennyandPadme1 PennyandPadme2 PennyandPadme3


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